I want to be profound, insightful, witty…you name it, I wish I was being it.

But, tonight I am mostly just really happy that there are only 3 working days of toiling left until my team’s product launches on Tuesday.

I am beyond happy that there are only 5 working days left until I am heading to Cape Cod.

This weekend I am going to have a small little (temporary) furry visitor staying with me. Her name is Tessa – she has already been adopted by someone but needs a quiet little place to rest for the weekend after her spay surgery.

It feels like a safe (as in I won’t adopt her) visit since she already has a good home waiting. The owner of the kennel partners with a few private pilots that fly the rescue dogs from the south to the kennel and one of the pilots fell in love with little Tessa. 

So I will have a friend to cuddle up with this weekend. It feels a little like I am cheating by having another dog over so soon (yes I realize how ridiculous I sound!), but I rescued Marley and she would want me to help out other dogs too. I think she’d be OK with Tessa – since she is a littler submissive dog. Marley liked those.

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