Barnaby (aka Baby) is a big 50+ pound 5 month Great Pyrenees who is spending the night with me. He has was in a foster home and has been adopted. The person who is adopting him could not bear the thought of him having to spend the night in the kennel before they can pick him up tomorrow, and the foster did not want to have to drive home (an hour away) and then come all the way back tomorrow. So, being the softie that I am, I offered to have him stay with me.

He is so sweet, and quiet, and SUCH A PUPPY! He has pulled every toy out of the basket, gone after my socks, and pranced about all over the house. He has finally tuckered himself out and is sleeping…for now.

The “best” part is all of this rain we are having – giant fluffy, furry dog + deluge of rain storms = wet, wet puppy everywhere.


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