I went today and visited with Gigi and she is a adorable snuggle bug with a spunky spirit. I wanted to put a deposit down and her and run home with her. But I am concerned about the issue she has with her back legs. I did some talking to the folks I trust at the reduce where I work, and they agree – it could be nothing or it could be something neurological or spinal or possibly an issue with frozen luxating patellas. Of course this is all speculation, but if it were to be one of these issues it can be very expensive.

I just need to know more before I make a choice. I am going to wait and meet Lucy when she comes in hopefully later this week. I am also going to take a long shot and email the rescue where Gigi is and see if they would consider having Gigi x-rayed and reviewed by a vet, so they can tell adopters what the issues are. I would think any potential adopter would ask.

So for now, I am “still looking” so if you see an adorable smaller dog in need of a home, send a link my way.

One thought on “Gigi Visit

  1. I wouldn’t think the rescue would have a problem of doing X-rays. I am sure you wouldn’t be the only adopter who would be concerned. Let me know what happens 🙂

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