I never thought I would be ready for another dog so soon, but I am. I think I really am.

Right now there are two little gals that I have my eye on. For some reason I am really drawn to the scruffy look 🙂

Gigi – a sprite little 15 pound terrier mix. I am going to meet her tomorrow. Ignore the giant pink bow, I think her foster mom is a little zealous and loves the color pink.

She has bow legs and she walks a little funny, but has been cleared by their vet as being perfectly healthy and the vet assured her foster mom that her legs are not hip related, arthritis related, she is not any pain, and he had no reason to think it would get any worse with age, it’s just a “quirk” of how she is.

But, given Marley’s history with trouble walking, the bow legged-ness makes me a little nervous. Not because it makes her different, but because I am worried it could get worse with age, but then again, there are no guarantees with anything in life.

She is being fostered in RI and Janet and I are heading down tomorrow to meet her.


Then there is Lucy – a slightly bigger 30 pound terrier mix, who will be coming into the shelter where I volunteer sometime next week. She is coming in with her brother. I really don’t know much more about her yet but she is the adorableness that I am looking for. I know dogs don’t get adopted together for the most part, but I wonder if this little gal will be lonely without her brother and in a house with just me. I guess I worry about this with any dog I am adopting.


I know I owned a dog for 12+ years but I still feel like this is a huge deal. What if  I choose the wrong dog? What if the dog isn’t happy? Can it really be OK alone while I work? I think part of it is that I get it – it IS a lifelong commitment – and that means that whatever dog I get now, I could potentially have into my 50’s – and somehow that feels crazy big to me.

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