I have been busy lately. Really busy. On all fronts. Work. At the Shelter. With my niece turning 5 (you have no idea how busy that has been. Five is very important you know.) 🙂 My search for my next dog has also kept me busy, I fall in love with each and every one that I meet, but the match has to be right. It has to be the right size and temperament, not just a cute little face – but cute little face is important too!

More about my search for my next dog in another post, but for now I want to share something that I read tonight that just struck me.

Perfectly struck me. Struck me as perfect.

Meghan at One Thousand Words (or More), wrote this about being 45,

I no longer strive for control or entertain the idea that I can hold sway over anything other than my own behavior. I don’t worry about much and when something bad does happen, I know I am strong enough to endure and that if I keep my head about me, things will get better.

She also wrote:

With age has come knowledge that has made me freer than I ever have been. Happier as well.

This all just struck me as a great verbalization of a bunch of things that have been swirling around in my head for the last few months. I see myself as I was (a combination of younger somewhere between 25-35) — not at one age in those ten years, but I feel like I changed in that 10 year span, but that somehow I was too busy doing something else to notice that it was even happening. Then, now in the last year I see that I am a new cumulation of all that I have lived and experienced in life.

I many ways am, as she says, freer than I have ever been, and I think I am happier too, even though some days I feel like I am not quite complete. Is it possible to be more complete and more happy than even I realize. Is this possible?

Maybe I am just learning to embrace this new – more mature, more present in the moment, more wise (?) version of me?

Time will tell.

I think so.

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