Once again I find myself sitting here pondering just how much I don’t get the male psyche.

Remember Andy. Really nice, family oriented, divorced dad of three. Chivalrous, flirty, fun? We had just gotten to the point of being past the first 5 dates, and talking about maybe taking a day to go see his place down the Cape, get away for a night, etc. All signs and all communications pointed toward, “things are going well.”

He and his sons go off to Greece for two weeks to visit his parents and family. He mentions that he will text if he can, he doesn’t but no big deal. I get it. Vacations with family, time to check out etc.

He comes home and texts me the next morning to say hello, and tells me he’ll call me at lunch. He calls, we chat briefly and we make a plan for the following Monday, and he tells me he will call that night to chat some more and tell me about his trip. All seems good, right?

He never calls.

The weekend comes and goes, not a word or text from him. Hmm.

I text him about 2:00pm Monday and say, “still on for tonight”. He replies, “I can’t I am dealign with some family stuff, but I will call you tonight.”

Again I never hear from him.

If he has stuff going on – I can get that. Not calling once I can forgive, not calling twice, come on really?

So I have no idea – my guess is custody stuff with his ex. My thought. “In 24 hours not 5 minutes to call or send an email with explanation?’

I am leery, and I don’t know what to think. I know he doesn’t “owe” me anything after 5 dates, but do I really want to get invested with someone who just shuts me out totally when the going gets tough.

So I have been busying myself with the search for my next “partner in crime”. A few of the sweethearts I am arranging to meet in the next two weeks.


Rizzoli is a 4 month old Rat Terrier mix. She is a tiny 9 pounds. Rizzoli is just as sweet as she is cute! Rizzoli is a friendly, sociable girl. She loves her people and is very affectionate. Though she is tiny, this girl has a huge heart! Rizzoli loves her people! Rizzoli loves nuzzling in close with her people. She soaks up all the love and attention she can get! Rizzoli gets along great with other dogs and has a playful, fun-loving nature. She is also cat friendly. Rizzoli loves going for car rides and behaves nicely in the car. Rizzoli is healthy, current on all vaccinations and has been spayed. She also has a microchip.

Pros: Just the right size. Loves the car. Loves other people. The perfect color (I love black dogs). Possible option for foster to adopt.

Cons: Younger than I was thinking of getting. Possibly not fully  housebroken yet. Not from the shelter where I volunteer.


1 year old Terrier mix looking for her forever home! Nutella is a beautiful girl. She is a petite 19 pounds. We can’t say enough good things about this sweet girl! Nutella adores her people and never meets a stranger. She greets everyone with a smile and a wagging tail. She is very affectionate and loves being with her people. Nutella would make a great family pet. She loves children and behaves nicely around them when she is in their company. She is great with other dogs too. Nutella is very playful and gets very excited when she has a squeaky toy in her possession.  Nutella loves going for walks and has nice leash manners. She is already crate trained and housetrained, current on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped

Pros: Right size, a little larger than Rizzoli. Housebroken and crate trained, loves, kids, cars, etc.

Cons:  I have to meet her, but she has slightly a wild look in her eyes ;-); Not from the shelter where I volunteer.


3 year old terrier mix, coming from West Virginia int he shelter where I volunteer next week.

Pros: From the shelter where I volunteer; good with people, and other dogs, really have been interested in meeting her for awhile, could foster to adopt.

Cons: Bigger than I was thinking. Not sure if she is housebroken. Need to assess energy level.

All exciting news on the dog front – and all dog news on the dating front.

One thought on “Once again

  1. ugh! At our age, you think things would change when it came to dating right? I guess I am wrong. I think it’s just common courtesy to at least text you and not blow you off. That’s all.

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