After much back and forth, and indecisiveness, and inability to DECIDE already. I have decided. Kona is coming home to be my next “partner in crime” for life.


He is a Schipperke mix – with Shepherd like fur – who is approximately 4 years old. He met some my basic requirements for my next dog:

  • He is good with other dogs – big and small.
  • He is quiet.
  • He rides well in the car.
  • I can lift him (believe me it matters!)
  • He loves to snuggle under the covers at night.
  • He is good with kids.

What he far surpassed my hope for is being the cutest little snuggle bug ever. Better photos coming as soon as he is home with me on Wednesday night. For now, I have Shiva (brother’s dog) to keep me company. She is bigger but still likes to snuggle in bed.

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