Away. Time seems to keep slipping away. Next week is September. September people. As in Summer is over and the Fall is here. I love Fall but summer was a blur for me this year. Work mostly just kept me too busy for what should have been lazy summer days.

I brought home my new furry friend – Kona – 2 days ago. He was so quiet and shy at first that I was surprised when I came home from dinner tonight to find that he had tossed about all my kitchen towels and two kitchen mats – silly dog. Then immediately I realized he wasn’t even IN the kitchen where he was gated in when I left. He is tiny and yet some how he managed to get over (fly?) the baby gate that was blocking the doorway – or wait? – did he squeeze under it. I’ll have to check that in the morning.

Regardless of his antics, he is cute as can be, sweet as can be and I am falling more in love ever day.

Stay tuned for more stories of antics, naughtiness, and love.


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