Dude. Life is really trying my nerves right now. Working until 8:00-9:00 PM is not my idea of fun. Its been happening for too long and more frequently than I would like. I am all about being a team player but I am tired. My boss is working on it, we are working to hire a new person, and get things sorted out. Mondays are just, well, Mondays – and – today was a Monday with a flat tire.

Little Kona is settling nicely although I did catching him trying to mark his territory in the house today. I stormily said, “NO” to get him to stop and boy did he cower. It made me realize that someone didn’t treat him well at all in his past. We are having fun, and building trust. We start a training class in September and I am looking forward to it – building a good little bond, and getting some trust going on.

I just love this photo of him. It really sums up my mood today. Dude. Just Dude. Seriously.


One thought on “Dude.

  1. Do you know much about his past? He pretty handsome! I think the training session will be good for him. Hopefully work will ease a bit for you. Hang in there!

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