This weekend was quiet. Busy in little ways, lots of errands and catching up on things, but calm, and not over planned. I had the time and the sunshine to sit on my deck to start and finish an entire book. The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. If you liked The Help you will love this book. I have had a hard time getting gin to books lately. It used to be that I could pick up anything, anywhere, any genre, and read it through. Lately I have needed to be really engrossed in a storyline to read a book, and this book captured me and drew me in.

Highly recommend it.

Kona is proving to be a sleepy little dog. He is more than happy to go for long walks, come along on rides in the car, and follow me about while I cook dinner, but really if he isn’t in motion he is asleep.  In some ways it is a good sign, he is comfortable to not have to be on “high alert” all the time.  The vet says that when he is done with his antibiotics I will see him pep up some.

Overall he is the quietest little dude, he keeps me company, and he gets me out to walk at least 1-2 miles more than I normally do in a day.

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