I am happy to see Fall creeping in to the weather little bit by little bit. Mornings are a bit crisper, the dew on the grass, it feels nice. What I am not at all a fan of is the darkness that is starting to descend earlier. 7:30 pm tonight and it was already dark out. *Sigh*

Last week was long for a short week at work, but it ended on an up note with us finally hiring a Project Manager to fill the empty spot we have had for 4+ months. Three more weeks and the killer project will be over and maybe I can breathe just a little bit easier – at least until the next one starts.

Kona is settling in more each day. He is still on some antibiotics and I cannot wait until he stops them later this week because it is making his appetite non existent and he really needs to be putting on a few more pounds.

Dating? I am not even going to update on that because well, there is nothing to say other than I have been busy, and the one guy that was around is proving to be not around.

Moving on…moving into Fall.

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