Missing. I feel like I have been missing for the last 8 weeks, but I am back. The last 8 weeks were the craziest I have ever experienced at work. As I put it in an (unofficial) status update to my boss, “the website launched, no one cried, it was a good one.”

RIght now I am sitting in my comfiest close watching my dog figure out the oscillating space heater. Kona is doing well, or at least I think he is. He is a tough little dog to read. Most days I think he is a cat dressed as a dog. He is peppy and robust at two times, (1) when he is at the dog park, and (2) when I walk in the door at the end of the day. Inside, he is like a cat. he really just sits here and wants to be pet.

I really would like to get him to learn how to “play”. He will chew on a bully stick or antler, and sometimes he will chew on a little stuffed toy, but really it is such gentle chewing it is more like he is grooming it. We started training last week. I am hoping it will build his confidence but really it all just seems like it is overwhelming to him. The room is fairly small and it is quite chaotic. I wish I could swap it for even 3 private sessions but I doubt I can do that.

He LOVES other dogs which is great. He will run too and play with all kinds and sizes of dogs – he is fearless around other dogs. Around people he is shy and timid. It makes me sad to think what in his past may have caused that.

He is a good little guy. We are still getting used to each other – but I think we are a good match.

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