My parents just got back from THREE weeks in Italy. To say I wished I was there would be a colossal understatement. Ever since I made my first trip there in 2010 I was smitten. I will go back there some day for sure, but until then I now have these to savor. They are originally from Torino, and Piemonte region where my grandfather is from.

Gianduiotto hazelnut chocolates are to die for. It is seriously like making love to the smoothest piece of creamy chocolate ever in your mouth. A little much? OK well, that is how much I like it, and normally I much prefer dark chocolate. To be sure, you have to like hazelnut or these will not win you over – or  – maybe they are that good that they will win you over anyway.

Because I am who I am I (of course) did a google search on them. Imagine my glee when I found out they also make a liqueur too. Imagine what that will taste like in coffee on a chilly winter night.

So until I can get back to Italy, I have also found a place where these can be bought online. My trip to Italy cultivated in a me a snobbery for this chocolate, impeccable Olive Oil, and fresh pasta. Somehow my waistline is not going to appreciate this, but everyone has to have their indulgences right?

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