Very rarely do I pat myself on the back for much, but today I am feeling pretty happy with …

My promotion!

You are are now looking at the Associate Director of Program Management for the Web and Intranet Group at The Place Where I Work.

<<Insert big grin>>

Of course I knew there were changes coming. I have been talking with my boss about having people report to me, but I didn’t think there was another title change and a raise come along with it. Especially since I was promoted earlier this year. In fact when I was promoted in February I just thought the “having people report to me” part was coming along later.

Looking at it now, I realize that it was all part of a transitional track that was in the works at a higher level, but I didn’t know this until today.

Of course I am so happy about the pay raise part.  At the same time I am nervous as hell about the having people report to me part. And then there is this little part of me that wonders, “how did I get so lucky to get promoted twice in one year with a salary bump each time?”

I have to remind myself that I most certainly DO deserve this. Remember all the nights I worked late, came home, ate dinner and worked again? All the times, I stepped up, stepped in, helped out, and smiled even when I wanted to strangle the life out of some demanding client, or at someone who asked the most inane question at the most inopportune time. I need to remember the number of times I multi-tasked, went above and beyond, helped out, and really tried to care about everyone on the team as a person and not just a worker.

Yeah, all that? I deserve this.

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