• No one gives out nearly enough dark chocolate candy.
  • Malted Milkballs have been, and alway will be gross. It’s like eating subpar chocolate on stale old bread. Ew.
  • My favorite mainstream candy is rich dark chocolate and peanut butter, or on the more luxiousious side, Ferrero Rocher, or anything creamy and hazelnut.
  • No matter what it is, I always prefer handmade costumes over the over priced store bought one. Crazy as a Loom, made a great pioneer woman outfit for her granddaughter.
  • Kona, my little Schipperkee, does not like loud children, in masks, wearing flashing lights, waving sabers or wands,  and carrying large ominous bags. Who can blame him really?
  • A mom I know dressed as a chef and dressed her 4 month old daughter as a lobster – hysterical.

Happy Halloween, malted milk balls and all!

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