This weekend I bought my first TV. I have always had handle down televisions, and they have always worked fine. My last television belonged to my grandmother, and she has been passed for 5 years now and she had to have have it for at least 5 years.

It was a giant picture tube TV. Now the question is where and how to dispose of it.

Watching the Patriots Game today on a new 42-inch HD TV was like being in a movie theater.

That was the big highlight of my weekend. I have been feeling a bit down lately, a lot of work, a lot of early mornings, and feeling  little lonely overall. I have been keeping busy, getting out and about, connecting with friends. I have learned from experience it is the best thing to do – eventually it turns around.

It will definitely be nice to have tomorrow off (Veteran’s Day), I still have a few errand type things that I need to get taken care of.

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