I love this time of year. Well mostly I do.

I don’t mind that the weather is colder; but I am not such a fan of the darkness so early.

I love the holidays, but one at a time PLEASE!

We have gone right from the mind numbing political advertisement season, into the over the top Christmas commercials. Target, really did you have to play your first Christmas commercial before the November election was even over?

I think this cartoon sums it up nicely. I am not sure we need to INSULT Santa but it does get the point across that Thanksgiving really does get the short end of the stick.

ImageI love Christmas. I mean love it. But I also love Thanksgiving for the much less stressful planning and expectation that comes along with it. If I were President, I would put a law into effect that says, there can be NO Christmas Commercials, no Christmas Sales, and no Christmas Shopping before Thanksgiving. The stores would be closed on the day after Thanksgiving so we could all enjoy time with our families. Time that involved leftovers, and long walks, football, and cider, and anything else that didn’t involve rushing off to have “quality” family time shopping at a Mall.

Sadly I am not President. All I have done for Christmas is buy 2 boxes of Christmas cards. The rest, well it will have to wait for me.

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