11/25/2012 – One month until Christmas. I love the Christmas season. I already have my decorations up and next weekend up goes my tree. Something about little white lights make everything seem a little better, a little cozier, and a little nicer.

I am 90% done with all my gift buying. Going to the mall, to shop in general really makes me anxious. Maybe it’s because money in general makes me anxious. Shopping is just not something I enjoy.  Maybe if I didn’t always feel like I was always budgeting, i could be more relaxed about it. It’s not that I am materialistic, I don’t expect things from others. If I don’t see it I don’t need it, but for some reason I am far too swayed by the “oh wouldn’t that be nice” mentality.

Anyway, I know this about myself and have gotten better over the years, but for me to enjoy the Christmas Season, I like to get all the shopping out of the way early and forget about it. All that’s left is to get a Keurig for my parents from myself and my brother, a gift certificate for my boss, and bottle of wine for the Director of my group. Money feels tighter this year, so I am going to cut back on buying all the “little gifts”.  As much as I love giving I really, really, really want to make 2013 the year I get rid of the last debt that I have to pay off.

Maybe I can win Powerball next Wednesday.


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