Every December I take a random day off for myself; to finish shopping, do some general errands, and well, really be lazy! I don’t usually make too much of a plan, I sleep in till i wake up on my own, wear my PJs until a better offer comes along. You get the picture.

Today the day went something like below with one event just happening to follow another. The only planned things were the dog walk and dog trainer. The rest? Just life happening in a great way for a day off.

  • Walk the dog at the usual time (6:30)
  • Go back to bed and sleep until 9:20
  • Dog trainer from 10-11
  • Lunch with mom at 12
  • Run a few errands till 2
  • Pick up my nieces from school (to give me sis-in-law a break with her sinus infection)
  • Watch movies (Toy Story), color, and play with the dog until 5:00
  • Order pizza and salad for dinner
  • FInish coloring, have some cookies
  • Drop the girls off at home
  • Tidy up
  • Back on the couch for some more lazy until I head to bed.

Pretty nice day – don’t your think?

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