Today I found out that in addition to my boss leaving (and a new person coming in to replace him), HIS boss is also going to be leaving. I have worked with her for over 5 years. I have worked with him for 3.5 years.


I *really* like working for them both. What’s hard too is that they aren’t leaving the organization but they are both going to the same place, a new group that is starting up. It’s like breaking up with someone and having to keep seeing them, happier in their new space.

Breathe. I am not good with change.

I agreed to take on the most recent round of additional responsibilities with the caveat that I would be supported by my boss and his boss.

Doesn’t see that will be happening now.

The new person replacing my boss is a good choice and I think he will do a good job, so I am trying to stay optimistic, but change is not my thing. I keep saying that don’t I?

What is going on where I work now is not just change, it is MAJOR upheaval and transition.

Very stressful.

It makes me wonder about a few things:

  1. The stability of the group I am in. It is not going away but it is feeling very fractured in process and vision right now.
  2. This could gives me a chance to set new boundaries. I don’t have to solve the challenges of the transition, and I especially don’t have to solve the challenges for everyone else, and all the processes, especially not at the expense of my own well being and sanity. Maybe it is time for me to redefine myself with some limits.
  3. Sometimes just holding steady is OK; career growth does not have to be every moment of every day.
  4. Constant change is tiring. Christmas break will be nice. I expect the next 6 months to be  fraught with upheaval and change at work.

Wish me luck.

Oh yea, and remind me to breathe.

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