Ella, my Dad, Alexa

Christmas around these parts was amazing and bright; and relaxing and wonderful. It started off very early as all my mornings do with a dog walk at 6:30 AM. As I walked along, I was surprised that two many houses with kids were still dark, with no lights on, and no early morning christmas bustling. I remember as kids we were always up by 6:00 AM and having to stay upstairs until 7:30/8:00 AM. It was so hard, but we were definitely awake early.

I headed to Christmas Mass with Mom and Dad. I had forgotten how peaceful it can be to go church. All those people and no one on a cell phone or other technology. Now that’s a Christmas Miracle. Had Mom and Dad back to my place for Christmas brunch. Then it was off for a dog walk, and a bit of R&R before heading over to my brother’s for the big Christmas meal.

It was great, just the right amount of activity for me and a whole lot of great food. My sister in law made these amazing green beans with sunflower oil, cranberries, and goat cheese. Delicious. The girls weren’t too energized, and were happy to read books with us, play board games, and show us their new princess dress up outfits. Santa was good to everyone.

I had debated what to bring for dessert, and after standing in front of the dessert case at Whole Foods for a good 15 minutes, I decided to go with a traditional Buche de Noel. My uncle used to make them all the time and I have not had one for over 12-maybe even 20 years. It was delicious. Whole Foods really gets food pretty much right all the time.

Photo from MacKenzie Limited
(sorry it was not homemade)

I have until January 2nd off and I know the week is going to fly by. Tomorrow I have a few errands to run, and Thursday I am having a few friends over for a realizing night of wine and appetizers. How was your Christmas?

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