2012 was a year of really good things. I am blessed and have so much to be grateful for, but it was also a year filled with illness, stress, pressure, overcommitment, (some of it self imposed), and heartache. January through March were probably the hardest of the year, with a breakup to kick of the year in January, and then The Back Attack of 2012, that had me out of work for over a month. Through these things I would have never made it out as strongly as I did if it were not for the love and support of my family and friends. The rest of the year was better in most ways, but I felt like I never really bounced back from those early months.  This coming year, I have to take care of me.

Theme? Word? Plan of Action? Resolution? Everyone calls it something different. I am calling it the “Year of Me,” or, if you like the Word of the Year approach, my word would be “Self”

I want to take care of myself, nurture myself, grow myself, be kind and fair to myself. Health-wise, financially, emotionally, and in every way. I want to be myself, my authentic self, the same person all the time.

A long time ago I started reading Brene Brown’s blog Ordinary Courage, and she talked about learning the difference between being authentic, your true self all the time, versus alternating and being the person you think you should be in each situation.

Sometimes other people say it best. Sometimes you read something someone else wrote and thought, “this is it!” Brene is one of those people.

I want to do exactly what Megan of One Thousand Words says she is trying to do,

“I want let go of some of the things that are tying me in knots. I want, after so many years, to relinquish the very last thoughts I have of control over something beyond myself…I want to contract, to live smaller in the physical so I can live bigger in the intellectual and spiritual. I want to get rid of the excess that weighs me down mentally and financially. I want to be lighter.”

You may have already thought “selfish?” right? That is what I thought when I was thinking about this. Then I realized that I was just worrying about what others would think of me which is precisely one of the tenets that I want to let go of in 2013.

So here is to 2013, and to me – and to you.

2 replies on “Me in 2013

  1. Being true to yourself and taking care of yourself is never selfish; it is actually a gift you give to others because you will be happier and more peaceful, which absolutely affects others. We all draw on each other’s energy. 🙂

    Happy new year. I hope it’s your best one yet.

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