Today started off great for a Monday. I found $31 on the ground when I was walking Kona this morning. Score. Great way to start a Monday.

Today ended not so great for a Monday. Apparently what I thought was “just a rash” on my back this past week is actually a small outbreak of Shingles. Lovely. Because I have already had it for a week, there isn’t much they can do. It is itchy, tingly, and painful to the touch. Yuck.

No idea how or why now this came about. Doctor says it happens in people who HAVE had the Chicken Pox (which I have). Anything that weakens an immune system can cause a flare up of it. Anything from a cold, to stress, to more serious illnesses causing weakened immune systems.

I have been under some stress, but when have I not? Anyway I am not thinking this is a big deal but more like an inconvenience. I just hope it clears up before I go to Florida and want to be swimming!

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