First full day in Sanibel and I am finally fully relaxed. Getting her had me more tense than usual. I was not a fan of the tight quarters of Spirit Airlines, not was I a fan of the fact that they did not even give you water for free. So I landed, and although I was in 75+ degree sunshine I was still feeling rather tense and edgy.

10 hours of sleep and a day of relaxation and sunshine and  some Mai Thais, and I am in a completely different mindset. Sigh. Contentment. Happy.

Slept till about 8:30, first time since August  I have not been up and out for a dog walk  at 6:45 AM. Gotta say it is nice. Breakfast on the sunny lanai, went to church with my parents (I will skip my tirade on how the priest compared being pro-choice to being a participant in killing the masses in the Holocaust). 

After mass, we went to the most amazing breakfast place ever, The Overeasy. I swear no  place makes better, crispier bacon. Then we did a bit of shopping, but not much buying, and topped off the early afternoon with some homemade mocha chip ice cream.

Back at the condo, it was time for a walk on the beach, and some reading by the pool before starting Happy Hour and watching the San Francisco/Atlanta game. The bartenders at Coconuts can make a mean Mai Thai, and were happy to comply when I asked them if they could make it in my large Dunks Ice Tea cup.

Dinner on the lanai, another few Mai Thais and here I am watching The Pats Game. This is how life should be. I say this ever year and somehow, at some point I have to make a change to align my life more with this kind of life, than with the overly critical, overly competitive, overly stressful life of where I work and cold winters.

Someday. But for now, someday is the next 6 days. I plan to enjoy every single moment.

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