Tomorrow at 6:30 I will be meeting up with the guy that I have been talking, and emailing with for the last few weeks.  In reading my previous posts I can’t believe I have not mentioned this before – probably because I was on vacation. We had just started emailing before I met, and I really was feeling burnt out on the whole dating scenario. Being on vacation gave me some new perspectives and I had quite a bit of time, to casually get to know each other and talk, and things seemed to click.

Our first conversation was a bit awkward in the “Oh my gosh we are now really talking kind of way.” He also had a lot going on with his aging parents and talked A LOT about it, but again it was in the, “I’m talking to much because I am nervous kind of way.  Happily, it has gotten much more comfortable, and we seem very similar in many ways. We had made tentative plans to go out on Saturday but yesterday we were talking and both agreed, “why not get together sooner?”

We live about 40 minutes apart but in rush hour traffic where I live (4:00-6:00 PM) it could feasibly take 1.5-2 hours. He has a bit more flexibility in his work schedule than I do right now, so he agreed to drive down here to meet me for dinner. We’ve both done the online dating for awhile now, and figure we get along so why postpone the meeting. At this point it is about the chemistry – is it there or not.

Chemistry matters and I have learned that no matter how much I connect with someone online, via phone, a relationship (at least for me) needs that in-person je ne sais quoi.

I have to admit I am slightly more excited than I normally get before first dates. It is always a balancing act – letting myself be excited at the possibilities versus keeping grounded because usually, well at least so far, it hasn’t worked out – at least not since CR in 2009.

So, stay tuned…..

3 replies on “Tomorrow

  1. Janet – wow this seems like so long ago. It was an OK dinner, nice enough guy but he is at a major transition point in his life – and has some stuff he should take care of (in my opinion) before looking for a relationship – and, no spark at all.

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