Even though the Patriots are not in the Superbowl, I am watching the game. Maybe for the commercials more than the game, but still watching. Right now the lights are out in half of the SuperDome, something to do with a power surge – or some poor dude leaned against the wrong light switch (lol). I was rooting for San Francisco, but I have to say the Ravens are on fire.

I am continually disappointed by the half-time shows. They are more and more grand each year, but each year it seems to be less and less about the singing (which I like), and more and more about the sex, booty shaking, glitzy show. Beyonce was only singing 1/2 the time, if she was singing. I know it takes a lot to get up there (in THAT outfit), but if you are a musician, and a performer, you should sing while you perform, otherwise why not just have the Victoria’s Secret supermodels prance around.

Just saying.

My date the other night was as a nice evening out, better than sitting at home, but no spark, no long-term potential. I am not looking for wealthy (although I wouldn’t run from that), but I would like to meet someone who doesn’t start talking about bankruptcy and how they lost their house on the first date.

Just saying.

Other news? Taxes are filed and it’s good news there.

In case you need a reason to smile, Kona says hello.


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