After two days happily cozied up at home I have to admit I was getting a bit of cabin fever and decided to venture out today. I am very lucky that my landlord is incredibly nice and took care of all the snow removal.

Kona and I took our morning walk and went up to check on my parents’ house. It was a great walk with hardly anyone out on the roads yet.

I headed out to the mall and actually had some success finding a few pairs of pants for work, and a few other necessities. On the way home I swung by Staples and tried out a few desk chairs. I had NO idea that they were so expensive, but did get one that supports my back enough and was comfy – no more working from the couch for me – not good ergonomics at all.

Driving to the Cambridge Side Galleria was beautiful. The Charles River was frozen and the sun was so bright glistening all along the way. Someone had built two snowmen along the banks, seemingly without leaving and footprints. I wish I could have stopped to take some photos but the snowbanks didn’t leave any room for pulling over.

Something about the drive was so peaceful and pretty. Definitely made me glad to get out.

Some schools still have another snow day to give the towns time to clear the sidewalks, but for me it’s back to work.

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