This week has been much calmer than last week. My (new) boss is on vacation. Any corellation? I think so. I had a great talk today with my (old) Director. We have always been on a professional level but over the years we have become close in conversation, and she was great to me last year when I was out with my back issues.

She is in her last week before she transitions to a new Department which is a huge loss, personally and professionally. Anyway…..I reached out to her and asked her if she had time for a conversation, and after much back and forth we were able to grab 20 minutes together.

We talked through everything that I wrote about in my last post and  she suggested two scenarios, one which involved a possible opportunity in another department that may be coming available. We also talked about who I should talk to next, and how to have the conversation about where I excel (customer relationships, and organizational administration), and where I am overly stressed in my current role (managing other people). It was great to talk to her because she GETS me, and she is a great Director/Manager, she always has/had her employees’ backs – at least mine. I so wish there was an opportunity for me in her new Department, but it doesn’t look that way at least in the next year.

Time will tell how this all plays out. I have a conversation set up tomorrow with someone she recommended. I don’t want to say much more about that now, but I am hopeful it will be a good nextstep.

In the middle of the whole conversation I realized something. I put a lot of stress on myself to do great at work because it is what I have right now – I am not married at the moment, I don’t have kids. I have a great family, but my work is what I succeed at, what validates me, and to feel as unsuccessful as I have in the past months scares the crap out of me.

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