12 days until I am back in sunny Florida again. It never gets old really, I could go back every weekend, or stay there for months. This time of year I am tried and grumpy with New England weather. Even if it is not snowing, it is dark, dirty looking, and cold.

DG was back from vacation this week and things felt a little smoother than the week he left. I am hoping that the stress level keeps going down and that he backs off a bit on saying something should be improved every single time I talk to him. It gets really draining and demoralizing to hear that he thinks every.single.thing should be improved.

I didn’t get called back for the one position I was interested in and maybe it was meant to be. I don’t really want to be starting over at somewhere new so I am hoping that things smooth out where I am.

Tonight I was supposed to be out on a date with Tim, but he was sick so he had to cancel. I think it’s a legit cancel, but I was really looking forward to it. So instead it was a long walk with Kona and a dog bath for him and now an 1975 based Gangster movie with Ving Rhames. I love Ving Rhames, but the movie is basically just OK. He is also in the new TV Series Monday Mornings, which is a great show.

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